When was the last time you and your partner took out time from your chalked out lives to spend some quality time together? It is not always about long beach vacations or even going away for the weekend, it is the quality of time that matters over the quantity.

A healthy relationship rides a lot on those little getaways that keep you and your partner well-connected amidst your busy lives. But coffee dates or fancy dinner dates are highly cliched and who does not want to surprise their partners in some way unique. Hence, at Amazing massage we have crafted a massage especially for the relaxation of couples.

Our professional and experienced masseuses take care of you and your partner’s sensual needs so that you enjoy a perfectly relaxing as well as sexually stimulating massage right next to your beloved. There are more than the basic erogenous zones in the human body that enthrals all the senses by evoking sexual pleasure when stimulated, and our therapists are experts in letting you explore the treasure casket that your body is. You and your partner are attended by separate masseuses who employ a number of techniques such as gentle strokes, caressing touches, sliding of fingers to give the couple an exhilarating experience.

As you witness your partner’s gratification, you also gain a great amount of knowledge as in what works best for your partner’s pleasure.This in turn works as an upper hand in reviving your physical intimacy and rekindle the spark in your relationship.

We also give special attention to the ambiance where the massage is given. We make sure that the area is well done up with homely décor, aromatic candles, soothing lights and calming music that offers you pure tranquility. It is indeed a cherishing experience to lie beside your beloved, in a romantically appealing set up, and lose yourself in the sublimity of a magical massage while all your bodily and mental burdens unruffle. Couples have only walked out ecstatic, satisfied and inseparable from each other after a session of our special couple massage.

Our charts our also packed with a whole gamut of irresistible erotic massages that are each unique in their own way. The good old Swedish and prostrate massages are also included in our list but with advanced and modified according to the changing preferences. We have had our masseuses try and test their unique tricks and techniques on recipients and included whatever has worked out for them in our routine massages. The Tantra massages are a distinct blend of conventional Vedic massaging artistry and modern approach to erotic massaging which scintillate your hidden fantasies.

If you are in Paddington London and want a taste metaphorical euphoria then you must try out one of our steaming hot massages. And if your plan is to go an extra mile in surprising your better half you can opt for our couple massage. All you have to do is call us or log on to our website and book a date.