The art of seduction when coupled with the practice of body massage can work wonders, unimaginable, both for the body and the mind. The whole foundation of the agenda at Amazing Massage rests on extracting the best of both worlds to create a whole new euphoric strata where the parched body mends and the crippled soul heals.

Our unique massages are tailor-made for the Gen-Y who are hustling day-in and day-out to meet deadlines, outrunning the clock-time, but often neglecting the needs of their body. A wholesome massage is extremely important in order to refill your body with all the vigour and energy that it requires. Hence, we serve you a wide range of erotic massages for a perfect leisure.

Sexual stimulation of the body is also a part and parcel of vitality in life. For the very reason, a number of fantasy-inducing massages are included in our catalogue along with regular Swedish and Prostrate massage. Not only does our choice of massages put us on a totally different footing than any other massage chain, but also our team of sultry and gorgeous masseuses, adept at the art of seduction, add to our USP.

One of our most physically gratifying and highly demanded massages is the body to body massage. The name itself might pose a lot of questions and hesitations in the minds of newbies who have just started out trying erotic massages, but once you indulge in it’s tantalizing web of pleasures you’ll surely come back craving for more. Apart from gentle caressing and teasing touches of her hands, our curvaceous masseuse slinks her smoking body over yours activating all your dormant sexual instincts. Nevertheless, your comfort is a criteria that our masseuse puts before anything else, and hence, our skilled technicians never tread the fine line between sexy and vulgar. Aromatic oils, cosy decor, fragranced candles and soothing music- every single element that contributes in the making of an ambiance suited for a massage, is taken care of, by us.

Among other massages, the Tantra Massages are a couple of exotic massages that incorporate usage of kinky props together with Vedic massage techniques that add up to a great sexual awakening. The Lingam massage is yet another titillating massage that involves the stimulation of the private parts to instil a rejuvenated sexual energy.

If you want to take a short getaway with your partner we’ve got your back in that case too. The couple massage at Amazing massage is a perfect gift that you can give your better half. Lying right next to your loved one as your stress and tensions melt away is surely a feeling to cherish. There is a lot we have in stock to offer in order to enrich you with the joy of sensuousness.

If you are a resident of Paddington, London, all you need to do is walk in or contact us and make your pick, the rest will be taken care of. Our services are so enticing that you will leave satisfied and definitely come back yearning for more.