There are innumerable ways to brush away the worries and concerns of a long week, but nothing is more fulfilling and rejuvenating like a good old massage. What takes a massage a notch above just good is new and advanced massaging techniques.

With tastes and trends changing ever single day, it is needless to say that even on a massage table customers have demanded and adopted to various new massaging tricks and pressure points. Our skilled masseuses at Amazing Massage have been working in this field for years and have tried and tested new methods of applying pressure, finger strokes and stimulating new pressure points on massage recipients and tracked their reaction to these new techniques. And thus, included only the finest of techniques in their routine massages, ribbing out the best hours of massaging experience for you.    

Our charts are crammed with traditional massages amped up with a hint of modern twist to elevate your pleasure and hit beyond the mark of your expectations from a massage. Among others, a couple of our handcrafted massages that our customers have been flocking back for, are our Tantra Massages. The authentic Tantra massage is an ancient technique of massaging originated ages back and is an amalgamation of different forms of massages, the likes of, yoga and bioenergetics. It is also a much exalted practice in stimulating sexual energy in the body. And at Amazing Massage we have taken the authenticity of a Tantra massage and sprinkled fantasy eroticism to come up with two sets of Tantra Massages– the Dark Tantra and Fantasy Tantra massages.

At Amazing Massage we know how to make your penny turn a hundred ways. Our massages are wholesome not only in terms of relaxation and bliss, but also in terms of physical gratification. Our tantra massages include the usage of aromatic essential oils, gentle tapping and stroking of fingers, and above all, the artistry of seduction, by teasing and titillating, is also bestowed upon you. Our luscious masseuses seduce you with their prowess in seduction and with their smoking bodies to awaken you sexually and make your senses feel alive. The fire of awakened sexuality that kindles in you also help improving your sexual life with your partner.

Another very important aspect of erotic massage is the ambiance, and we take good care of that as well. From scented candles, calming décor, to sombre lighting and relaxing music, we keep all of it into account. If you’ve been feeling drained of your sexual energy then our Tantra Massages are tailor made for you to give you a glimpse of how your body is a holy grail and what wonders it is capable of achieving.

We also have a whole lot of other sensual massages that are customizable for our clients- Swedish Massage, Four hands Massage, Prostrate Massage, Body to Body Massage, Lingam Massage and much more.

If you seek adventure and quirk then booking an appointment with amazing massage would mean signing up for a whole lot of excitement and surprises. Our services reach out in Paddington, London, and we have only generated happy faces from our centres. Call us or visit our website to sneak a taste of euphoria.