There’s no better gift than the gift of time. Especially when you are planning to gift something to your loved one, there must be abundance of thoughtfulness, pampering and love behind it. And nothing heralds love and care better than a good massage session with your partner. Which is why Amazing Massage has ribbed a very unique massage for all our love-struck customers who can’t get enough of their better halves. Our Couple Massage is a unique blend of erotic romanticism and relaxation for you and your partner to embark upon a journey filled with surprises for a few hours, and come out with the spark of burning passion, that had been dormant, re-kindled.

We keep no stone unturned when it comes to making sure that our customers are satisfied with our services, even attending to the most minute details of how the massage rooms are ornamented. The decor of our masseuse’s place is done up with sombre tones of the colour palette, decked up with aromatic candles and, music that soothes the ear and reduces stress. Our masseuses are experts in the field of erotic massages and hold distinctive knowledge about human pleasure points that when stimulated trigger sensations that are physically alluring.Nothing is better than lying beside the love of your life, relaxing, and knowing your what breaks loose your partner’s inhibitions and unleashes their venereal side. A couple massage is a great way of learning about your partner’s body and their obscure pleasure points, so that you can spice up your intimacy further, later. A massage experience, that is also enriching in a number of ways, to cherish with your dear one that leaves you both craving for more and making sure that you return. We have curated a number of other exquisite massages handcrafted for melting your tension away and for your physical gratification. The Swedish and Prostrate massages are incorporated with the traditional wholesome goodness. Whereas the Tantra Massages are assemblages of age old yogic massage techniques and far out seductive artistry by our ravishingly beautiful masseuses that turn your fantasies into reality. The four hands massage is designed to give you the luxury of being massaged by two of our gorgeous masseuses. We proudly associate with our team of masseurs who are remarkably talented and polished in the sphere of massaging and nevertheless incredibly beauteous, which makes it needless what of a delight the four hands massage is. But we take your delight a notch above by devising the body to body massage, where our seductive temptresses slither their flawlessly toned curves over your body- a glimpse of heaven you would not want to miss for the world. Among others, there are also massages like Lingam and Tantric massages which are yet again rejuvenating and titillating at the same time. We save you the time of looking for a great massaging place in Paddington, London, but surely give you a hard time choosing from such a spectrum of amazing massages. Book an appointment for yourself or walk in with your partner for a truly memorable experience.