Tantric Massage

Our Tantric massage will work with your body’s sexual energy, and open it up to be able to receive pleasure. Have a beautiful masseuse arouse your body with their sensual touches. With a multitude of hand movements and body-to-body contact, allow the gentle curves of the masseuse’s body fill you with pleasure and make your toes curl.

The right set of hands can raise your sexual energy, or even heal sexual dysfunction. This massage also has a positive effect on your immune system. Our Tantric massage includes the teachings of the schools of yoga, bioenergetics, and sexual therapy, and use their combined power to send all of your stress packing.

Hot towels dipped in essential oils, furs, feathers and soft objects, and hot oriental oils are used to enhance the experience of the Tantric massage. The oils relax you, and help you release your stresses into them, while the soft objects excite your nerves. There are no pressures or expectations in this massage. The only outcome is that you lose yourself and settle down with your inner peace.

The Tantric massage involves intimate contact, and utmost comfort is ensured. The masseuse helps you breathe and get your energy flowing through your body, from your genitals through your spine. You explore unknown parts of yourself and drown yourself in the serenity. The sweet fragrance that surrounds you calms your mind and you feel at peace.

Come and spoil yourself with a Tantric massage at Amazing Hands at Paddington, London. Relax, and let our masseuse take care of your body. Feel your senses awaken, enjoy the touches, and let the experience wash over you. Enter a sanctuary of peace, surrounded by sweet music and fragrant candles. Your massage promises to be a highly personal experience, and at the end of the session, you are sure to blossom and learn to embrace yourself.