Amazing Lingam Massage For Improved Sexual Experience

“The art of sacred sexuality starts with the love of the penis.” The quote has widely been used as the basis of lingam massage. But is it true? At Amazing Massage, we believe the therapy is more beneficial.

We describe Lingam massage as a form of pleasure for a man that is induced in his sexual organs. It is worth noting that orgasm is not our primary objective. On most cases, it comes as a bonus pleasant side effect. The ultimate aim of massaging the lingam is for the client to embrace the pleasure as well as getting used to it. This forms our basis for having highly trained massage therapists.

Our Lingam massage involves applying pressure to some points around the scrotum and the lingam. Sometimes, the pressure is applied to the sacred spot or even a specific location. It creates the feeling of arousal as energy is excited and blood flows downwards. It is important to keep in mind that our aim is not ejaculation but for the whole body to feel and react to the sensation created leading to emotional healing and deep relaxation.

Immediate Benefits of Lingam Massage

  • Improves your control in sexual energy drive because of prolonged ejaculation
  • Reduces premature ejaculation by improving blood circulation
  • Learn to control and utilize your internal energy
  • It is a way of overcoming stress and depression

What to Keep in Mind

During the massage process, skilled and very friendly therapists will take you from the unexcited state to just the edge of ejaculation. It can be as rewarding and as punishing as well especially if you are new. Taking deep breaths will help you in controlling yourself, and this will ultimately be a game changer in your sex life.

At Amazing Massage, we believe in helping you achieve sacred sex through lingam massage. Give us a call or drop an email for more information.