Has your body been under a dry spell for the longest time? Has your work life enmeshed you in long and tiring stressful days? Then don’t just avoid your body’s long yearning for a sensual and relaxing interval that it well and truly deserves. Give yourself a break, let your body and mind sink into the euphoria of experiencing some of the most sizzling yet calming massages by expert masseuses at Amazing massage.

We bring to you a whole gamut of exotic massages, the finest in the realm of massage, provided to you by our skilled beauties. We have kept your needs in mind when it comes to the unruffled ambiance that is a must for a truly exhilarating massage. Our independent masseuses working from their private locations have got you covered, beautifying the location with aromatic candles, essential oils, relaxing music and soothing decor to give you no less than a glimpse of heaven as you lay back and enjoy.

Amazing massage provides an eclectic mix of massages- tantric, back to back, Swedish, couple, lingam, nuru massage- you name it and we have it. Not only is our range varied but one massage is distinct and unique from the other. A host of unique techniques and pleasuring-inducing props like hot towels, oils, feathers and furs are incorporated in a tantric massage coupled with the arousing touches of the masseuse, A tantric massage is tailor-made for instilling sexual energy and even healing sexual dysfunctions in your body with it’s curing properties.

The good old Swedish massage is both traditional as well as tinged with our own uniqueness to elevate the amount of pleasure you derive from it. A combination of finger tapping techniques, smooth strokes and rolling pressure is used by our gorgeous masseuse in delivering the finest Swedish massage.

If you wish to tranquilise your massage interlude then you can opt for the body to body massage. Here our luscious masseuse uses not only the gentle touches of her hand but her whole body to wriggle up and down your tired frame to re-kindle the long-lost spark of sensuality in your body.

A Nuru massage is an ideal option for the ones who wish to dip their body in a hot and reclining shower before being worked up by a massage. We have also considered the needs of couples who crave for a sublime and romantic getaway for a few hours when we introduced our couple massage. Now you can be in company with your loved one and make things even steamier as you indulge in a physically gratifying massage.

If you thought our varieties extend only to massages, we are happy to prove you otherwise. We have diverse masseuses working for us, each equally efficient and ravishing. Experienced as they are, their gentle and soft touches are immensely effective in untying your muscles knots, stimulating your pleasure points, and most of all rejuvenating your worn out body and mind. They can usher you to the cloud nine and make you encounter heavenly joy as they slide their curves and edges over your body. We never run out of things to offer when it comes to your comfort and care, there is no option that we do not provide.

Gift yourself the joy of discovering your ecstasy and sensuousness, book yourself a blissful massage in Padding ton, London. Contact us and customise a massage for yourself.