The history of Tantra Massage or Tantric Massage dates back to its origin in 1977 in Berlin. It started out originally as an incorporation of techniques of yoga, bioenergetics and even stimulation of the erogenous zones of the body.

The massage originated mostly as a therapeutic session that involved healing of the mind and soul, maintaining co-ordination of all the elements of the human body and targeting the sexually explicit sites of the body.

Through the course of time and according to the demands of the customers, Tantra massage has evolved and developed in the hands of the masseuse. While there are a plethora of massage centers offering traditional Tantra massage in the UK, very few offer variety.

We, at Amazing Massage, provide our customers two distinct kinds of modified Tantra Massages. We have made changes to the original Tantra massage in accordance to the needs of the customers, moreover, we added a host of new techniques of our own and took notes on how our massage recipients responded to them. What finally resulted was two of the best variants of Tantra- the Fantasy Tantra and the Dark Tantra Massages.

Our Fantasy Tantra is your wildest sexual fantasies come true. Our skilled masseuses gently stroke and caress your whole body with essential oils, not only relaxing your muscle knots but also stimulating the pleasure points of your body whilst you lay down relaxed and surrounded by a soothing ambiance. In addition, our masseuses are some of the most experienced professionals in the field and also, some of the most stunning beauties that make your interlude a sensually enriched one.

The Dark Tantra is one of our most acclaimed massages at amazing massage. This kind of Tantra massage includes the use of various props by our ravishing masseuses. They are the most skilled technicians when it comes to putting their seduction mastery to work. A combination of feather light strokes of gentle hands and raunchy and teasing touches are used to enmesh you in a heavenly ecstasy wherein you are alternately stimulated and relaxed.

Massaging the whole body with aromatic and therapeutic oils, and the maneuvering of props like feathers and blindfolds that curl your toes in pleasure, are a part and parcel of the massage. You will unleash a new and sexually supercharged side of yours once you give the Tantra Massages a try.Hence, indulging your being in a fulfilling and satisfying massage takes away all the stress and burden that piles up on your mind and body with time.

Getting massages done at regular intervals have a plethora of heath benefits in terms of both physical and mental. It strengthens your bones and muscles which help you remain fit and active, massages are also great for the skin-they tone and improve skin texture, in addition, they are also great for improving blood circulation in the body. The physical gratification derived from these massages also prove beneficial in keeping yourself sexually available to your partner which sums up to a happy and healthy relationship.

Now that you have acquired knowledge as to how and in what ways Tantra massages come to your welfare, you might as well get yourself one. Contact Amazing Massage and book an appointment today.